Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Suffering, Starvation, Depravity, Hopeless, Thankfulness.

Suffering. A noun. A noun I remember hearing when I was little to describe an animal that was in pain, or old and dying.

Starvation. A noun. A noun I am not familiar with because I grew up in a country where we have too much, and eat til we are full. I always remember people telling me about it or seeing images about it on a commercial. Really, people can die because they don't have enough food? I had never seen them.

Depravity. A noun. A noun that describes human corruption due to sin. Something I saw on the news and in toddlers :)

Hopeless. An Adjective. A feeling when you have no options. Something I have really never known. Not only did I grow up in country where people are full of hope, I grew up with resources. If I needed medical care quickly I dialed 3 numbers, and within minutes help was there.

Suffering is all around us. You can't get away from it. You can smell it. Death. Need. You can see it and you wish you hadn't. It is in my backyard. Literally and figuratively. It knocks at my gate. Lingers. Its in the streets, in the land, in the animals, in the village. It is inescapable and indescribable.

Starvation I have now seen. It is like nothing you have ever seen, nor want to. It is no longer an image from a commercial but lives among us. It is twins that came to our gate, it is a woman who is all alone.

Depravity at its finest, is what we deal with. Women using their starving children to get food to only sell it for their addictions. Unnecessary tribal fighting. People oppressing people for their own gain.

Hopeless is what these people are without Christ. The people will never change without the hope of Christ and the knowledge of the Savior. The NGO's around here are a perfect example of working in vain. Have some of their efforts worked? Maybe, but they are not lasting. The only thing that is going to change the suffering, the starvation, the depravity, the hopelessness, is God. That is where I am finding hope to move forward.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the suffering. At times I feel I am in a small rubber life boat, and there are thousands of people in the water who can't swim and want in my boat. I am only able to pull a few in. But God is good in spite of all of this and He has a purpose and a plan even if it doesn't always make sense to me. I am thankful. I am thankful that we are able to help. I am thankful that we have made a small difference in a small group of people. I am thankful for the people who are living with us. I am thankful they are receptive to hearing the word of God. I am thankful for God's hope. I am thankful that I am His child. I am thankful for what God is going to do with the Karamajong.

Thankful. Adjective. Description of being grateful. Something I haven't always been good at, but something God continually teaches me to live by.


There is a lot going on at our house right now (hopefully next post). I don't have time to explain all of the situations but will ask you to pray for a family that came to our gate 2 days ago. The mother has a set of twins that are around 8 months old. They were starving and the mother was desperate for help. She had gone to the local clinic and they told her it was too late and there was nothing that could be done. We are now helping the mother but we ask you to pray. My biggest prayer is that through all of this God would get the glory regardless of the circumstances. The baby girl is in better condition than the boy. She weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz and so I am not sure what the boys weight is, and I don't want to know. We have been helping the mother keep the baby girl at night. The mother has been very grateful and will be staying at our house until the kids are healthy. I am excited that she will be able to be a part of the Bible study we have at our house with the 3 other women living here. I am excited to see what she thinks about Jesus and the gospel.


  1. Such a beautiful post...and such a challenge to me as well as I learn not to be frustrated by the work we do, but understand that ultimately it's about KINGDOM CULTURE...and only lasting change can be brought about through kingdom culture! Thank you Fulks for the work you are doing...and for how you are moving and shaking things up in the kingdom. It's powerful!

  2. Hi Makayla,siting here in my nice cool house reading your post ...having a hard time reading through my tears.It took me awhile to figure out how to post here and be your"follower" I am an over 50 computer user.(can be a challenge)I don't give up too easy. I just want you to know you are not alone.Alan and I are praying for you always at all times of the day,lol, whenever we are getting into our refrigerator.Gratitude is huge!. I'm not much of a writer.This is my first blog. and post,if I had my way I would be sending you something lofty and enlightening. That would raise your spirit to great heights of endurance and refreshment.But... I am not suddenly filled with words of encouragement and enlightenment,oh well just know we are praying all that good stuff for you anyway.God bless all of you today,Love, the Weisels... Summer and Alan