Sunday, January 29, 2012

We have a tentative diagnosis.

The doctors here in Kenya have been very good. They have performed many tests on Malachi so far and have begun to treat him for a disease called herpesviral encephalitis. It is a very serious viral infection that affects the central nervous system. They continue to look for other things and to find the extent of the damage from this disease. We have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow, which will hopefully bring some more answers.

Please pray for us as we have to remain in the hospital 10 days while Malachi receives treatment through an IV. Cody and I both know that God is good. He loves Malachi and his heart breaks for our little boy just as ours does. We seek comfort and strength from God as we move forward.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Malachi Update-Flying to Kenya Today

Many of you already know that we had plans for one of us to take Malachi to Nairobi, Kenya in the middle of February to meet the doctor we know from back home.

Malachi has been having a pattern of sickness that lasts for months. About every month or so he would get random fevers, sometimes associated by other symptoms. Last November after some alarming symptoms his blood work came back abnormal so we ran more tests but didn't find a result. Things started to resolve on their own and many were suggesting it could be just a virus and we should wait.

6 weeks later we repeated the lab work and in some ways it had resolved but there were still some things off, but they were not as alarming as before. During this time he had his normal bout of fever that lasted 2 days. About 2 weeks ago he didn't not have a fever but was throwing up and very lethargic. I once again took him to Kampala so that we could see a doctor and do some more tests. We ruled out some more illnesses but left with no answers.

This brings us to the present. Malachi came down with a fever Sunday night. Monday the fever got rather high reaching 104.2. We immediately cooled him down with a cold bath and have been alternating between tylenol and ibuprofen to keep his fever down. Yesterday he started vomiting and then had a bloody nose again. His fever broke and he said he wanted something to eat. He took a small bit of rice and within minutes vomited and there was blood in the vomit. We (myself, Malachi and Eliana) are flying to Nairboi, Kenya for further testing, instead of waiting until mid Feb.

I know many of you have been so faithful in praying for us, so I am very grateful for that. Here are some specific things you could be praying for:
-Healing for Malachi
-Strength and favor for my journey today (Pray that Eliana would be a great traveler today)
-For Cody and the kids in Kotido
-That we can get answers in Nairboi
-That God would provide all of our needs

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on Malachi

Last Sunday night Joshua woke us up to tell us that Malachi had thrown up. Unforntunately Malachi has a difficult time telling when he has to throw up so it always ends up on him, his bed, or the furniture. I have been cleaning up a lot of throw up lately :). The next day he was feeling sick all day, and continued throwing up. Slept all day on the couch. This pattern went on for 2 days but after the 3rd he was showing some improvement and was able to get off the couch and play. He never had a fever so we never really treated him for anything. Of course we were concerned but there was not too much we could do in Kotido. Wednesday morning he threw up again, so I was feeling discouraged to say the least.

Meanwhile my symptoms had been coming back and had been following me for over a week at the point of Malachi's sickness. Wednesday morning I woke up and started having chest pain which quite frankly scared me. Cody and I decided that the most cost effective way to get to Kampala was just for Malachi, Eliana and I to go. We were miracously, and barely able to catch the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Wednesday morning flight. While on the extremely rough plane ride I was feeling sick and optimistic that just maybe we would find more answers. We were able to see a doctor that late afternoon where they ran more tests on Malachi and did some on myself.

We got the results yesterday afternoon, and unforntunatly we found out a whole lot of nothing on Malachi. We did rule out some more things which is helpful but I am starting to feel really discouraged. We did find out based on an antibody test that Malachi has never had malaria. That concerns me a little bit on several different levels.

The good news is that they found out what is wrong with me. I have a systematic yeast infection which by the way can cause pain in your sternum, hence the chest pain. I recieved some meds, so hopefully I will feel better soon. Apparently my immune system is not doing so well probably because of stress and living in Kotido.

So we continue the waiting game with Malachi. Remember we are planning on taking him to Nairobi, Kenya in Feb. but with him getting sick it makes things difficult, not to mention he is loosing weight. His stool sample did reveal that he is not absorbing fat but once again we don't know why. The other good news is that his anemia is looking better. Still not great but there were some improvements.

All of this means that whatever Malachi has could be nothing, or it could be something :) Helpful huh? That is what I get to hear all the time.

I know you are all praying for us already, but specifically pray for answers, pray for healing. pray for strength for our family. This is draining in all facets.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Joshua and Eliana when we were in Kampala in November.

Janaya and Samuel helping me cook our impromptu Thanksgiving meal in Kampala.

Eliana and Malachi are good buddies.

Eliana loves no bake cookies just like me :)

This is Carter back in September when he lost so many teeth.

I took this picture in Lira a couple months ago. It is one of my favorites of my precious daughters.