Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Important Annoucement

Several months ago I, Michaela, felt God saying, “Prepare to go home.” It was very confusing to me because although our lives are difficult at times I didn’t feel the need to go home for a respite.  I felt God giving me strength to move forward in our circumstances. During my times of silent prayer I kept hearing it. Now? Why? The timing didn’t make sense to me. I asked God to confirm it through Cody, and I waited. As Malachi and I’s health started to decline I was wondering and waiting for that confirmation thinking maybe it was time to go home for a break, but I didn’t want to be led by emotions. I wanted to make sure it was what God wanted. Right before Malachi and I left for Nairobi I was beginning to get much more weary emotionally and physically. Since Cody is the leader of our family I asked him what he thought of going home for an early furlough, and what God was saying to me. He said we should pray about it together and see what happens. After Cody picked me up in Kampala we spent 2 days in Jinja. During this time we sought the Lord fervently together and on the drive home to Kotido Cody said he felt like God released him to go. In that release Cody felt like God wanted him to take us home so we could have a time of rest, and reflection.

With that we are planning on taking a furlough for 6 months. We will arrive in Denver on March 23, and spend some time with our immediate family. It is our hope that after about 4 weeks of spending time with friends and family in New Castle we will be able to do some debriefing by a professional Christian group in Colorado Springs about our experiences, and struggles.  Our prayer is that this time will strengthen us for the next leg of ministry, and grow our marriage and family together. After that we have plans of traveling to see friends, family, and our supporting churches all over the country to share with them our hearts and what God did, and what He is doing before returning to the field.

You could be praying for us during this transition. Pray that the rest of our time here is fruitful. Pray for comfort as it is not easy to leave the life we have started here, and to be honest it hard for me to understand exactly what God is doing. Pray that our immune systems could have a break and become stronger than ever.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Malachi is doing much better

Things are going really well in Nairobi. Sorry this update is delayed. I don't have access to Blogger so Cody is having to help me post this. We were waiting on the results of more tests before we posted anything new. After having the MRI, awaiting the culture on the spinal fluid and some other tests it is looking more like he has viral menengitis. It doesn't really change anything because they were treating him for both menegitis and encephalitis because you don't want to wait with either one. The good news is that we caught it early so it wasn't so severe. It also looks like he will not have any permanent damage, but the neurologist did suggest him having signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. No big surprise for us there. His kidney and bladder ultrasound came back showing he had an infection of both so he is also on treatment for that as well. My big question I had was, "Is there something causing his immune system to be so suppressed?" The doctor doesn't seem to think that is the case, and just said he could have had a virus that he never could quite get over which then eventually caused the menegitis. They did do several tests to rule out Tuberculosis because it can present itself very different in children but all the tests for this came back negative.

Outwardly Malachi is definately feeling better and is running all over the room playing football with a balloon. We also have a nice playground right outside our room in the Children's ward. We will to be until Tuesday so they can finish the treatment, and after that it is looking like we will be able to return home.

As for Eliana and I, we are doing good. I seem to have a fever. Cabin Fever. Luckily I have been able to get out of the hospital here and there, thanks to some helpful missionaries living in Nairobi. I have not been sleeping very good because after all, we are in a hospital where nothing is quite, and breakfast is extremely early! They are taking good care of us though. I have enjoyed not having to cook or clean! Not quite the vacation I was looking for but I'm thankful Malachi is getting good care and feeling better.

Also a big thank you to those who helped us with the expenses. I got half of the bill today and about fell over (although it is much cheaper than the States). I looked in our bank account online to see a big deposit. PRAISE GOD!! I am not quite sure who it all came from yet but we are VERY grateful!!
Cody and the kids are doing good back home and Cody has even been doing school with them! He is a great substitute teacher.