Sunday, January 8, 2012


Joshua and Eliana when we were in Kampala in November.

Janaya and Samuel helping me cook our impromptu Thanksgiving meal in Kampala.

Eliana and Malachi are good buddies.

Eliana loves no bake cookies just like me :)

This is Carter back in September when he lost so many teeth.

I took this picture in Lira a couple months ago. It is one of my favorites of my precious daughters.

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  1. I love ALL the pictures, but the one of your daughters is especially sweet. Michaela, we are taking a foster baby at the end of this week. She has just come through heart surgery and really needs to be in a home for some recuperative care. Pray for us all as we make this adjustment- Reid and Mo Miller who are here, too! We got your letters and the girls LOVED them. Your kids all have beautiful penmanship and we will write back soon! Love, Dina