Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Slideshow

When we were in Kampala I composed another slideshow. It is somewhat of an overview of our time here thus far.

This last week has been good. God continually in His grace is teaching us many things. I am hoping to compile my thoughts about this into a blog next week. Lucia and Lucia (if you haven't been following Lucia is the elder lady living with us, and Lucia is the mother who is living with us) have been doing very well. We have been doing Bible Study with them every day. We are seeing some fruit from these times, the largest being gratefulness. Please continue to pray for them. My prayer is that God will continue to transform their lives, and their hearts. That this transformation would pour into every crevices of their existence, and radiate into others around them. We also started teaching them a trade in hopes that when their time here is up and we take them back to the villages they will be able to earn money on their own.
Oh and Nimrod (the orphan puppy) is getting fat as ever and doing well also. His eyes are opened now. The only problem is that he thinks we are his mother. The kids are a little worried about him going to to "good" home because the people don't treat animals well here.
The kids are all doing really well. It has been so nice having Nikki help me with school. We are done in record time, and it has been super helpful especially since we have so much going on at the house.

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  1. Now I know you just a little bit more :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Great photos.

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