Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Busy Week

A lot has happend this week and we have been very busy. The big news....we are in our house! We are not completly settled, but at least we are in.

Last Wednesday we had a meeting with a government official of Kotido about Shalom (Orphanage). It was very informative and this gentlemen was very kind and helpful. We were able to find out what the orphanage needs to be able to be up and running according to the government standards. Lots of work that needs to be done, but it is coming along, and great improvements have been made already.

I also got a chance to tag a long to the village for a visit. It was really amazing to meet some of the village woman and the challenges they have. It was very humbling to see their joy inspite of their circumstances. We even got to see some warriors, and they did a dance for us before we left. Rainbow Mike and some of the team members were able to go back to provide them with some food, and medical care.

Toward the end of week we went to School visitation day for the sponored children with Shalom. There are 11 sponsored kids that go to Secondary School (high school). When you go to High School here you stay on campus 24/7. They don't have family to visit them on visitation day so it was fun to be able to go on behalf of their sponsors back in the states. Their sponors also gave a little extra money so that we could purchase them a new outfit, and take them out to lunch at a restaurant. They really enjoyed having a change in their diet from the normal beans and posho (not sure that is spelled right) to chicken (our kids did too :).

Last but not least today I went to the cattle market with some of the other girls on the team. It was a cultural experience that is for sure, but fun to get out and see more ways of the Karamojong.

I can't express how much your prayers have all meant to us. There defiantly have some challenges we are facing, but we feel God's grace, and your prayers through it all. We are so grateful for your comments and emails of encouragement.



  1. We prayed for you this morning. Please tell Cody and the children hello on behalf of the Price family. The blog updates are awesome and let us know if you need anything. Lee

  2. Thanks so much, Michaela, for filling in the details that I keep forgetting to ask about. I'm so glad that you got to go for Visitation Day! Any specific financial needs for meeting the govt specs for the orphanage? Love y'all and praying muchly ;-)Marcia

  3. We just read your last two blogs as a family. My girls are dying for more pics!! :-)
    We would love to send you anything you need or for fun. But I think you said we can't do that right? Let me know.
    Love to you all,
    p.s. bugs and critters are nothin compared to the greatness of Jesus Christ!