Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Made it to Kotido and we now have internet! Hooray

It has been almost a week since we landed in Uganda and it seems like we have done so much already. We left Kampala headed North to Kotido, with a night stop in the middle. Our stay with missionaries in Namule was a great blessing. They moved to Uganda 10 years ago, and their youngest was 1 at the time. It was great to see their family 10 years later and to pick their brains with all the questions I had. They also took us to a village, where they were going to be doing a bible lesson for the kids. It amazing and humbling all at the same time.
So here we are in Kotido, learning all the ins and outs. We are more than thankful for our team already here. They have done so much for us alreaday and have been there to help us with lots of questions and to give us guidance. We are not in our house yet because they are doing some work to it but we got to see it yesterday and we are excited that it should be done soon. I am anxious to get settled in and into a routinue. In the mean time we are staying on a compound. Again it is a huge blessing to be able to have somewhere to stay. It may not be the best accomadations in our eyes but it is all we need, and God has blessed us.
It has been very humbling to see how He provides and blesses us. The living circumstances here are not what we are use to, but we feel blessed because of His love, and the people He has placed in our life.
Ok everyone wants to know how the kids are doing. They continue to amaze me, and they are my inspiration. I would say that Joshua seems to be fitting in the best. He seems very relaxed here and his heart for God and his obedience is contagious. He wants to serve the people here, and wants to give everything away. He has also been a great leader, and protector for his siblings. The other kids are doing really good too. Samuel is really interested in learning the language and has learned several words and pronouces them well already (for a reminder the language is Karamajong and is only spoken in the Northeastern region of Karamoja). Janaya has tried to make friends with some of the girls where we are staying despite their shyness. Carter is being rather bold in a lot of situations and is not being as shy as we thought he would be. To Malachi things don't seem too different to him. They are all enjoying playing soccer, doing laundry by hand, trying to catch lizards, playing in the dirt, playing the with Williams kids, etc.

Now for some more pictures, and a couple fun adventures with them. On our way we crossed the Nile river....

The Williams got stuck (not while crossing the Nile....we crossed that on a bridge)because their four-wheel drive went out all of a sudden, and we tried to pass this truck that had just got "un stuck." Thankfully Mr. Bob Wright was near and came to the rescue. The natives thought it was entertaining to see how they were going to get out and two of the men even pulled out a camera and took a picture of them. Muzungas (think that is spelled right) is what they call us.

The next day when we were staying with the Wrights we went to the village and on the way came across a boar hole which is where people get the water. The kids really liked playing here. I didn't take any pictures of the village or of the Bible stories with the kids because it was not real appropriate. Their singing, and smiles were amazing.

Joshua found a little boy carrying water and tried to tell him he would carry it but he didn't speak english so Joshua just took it for him and carried it to his house.


  1. Oh good, I am glad to see you are there. What a testimony of God's Grace.

  2. Wow! Such an amazing tale you guys are living. Have you read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller? You are living a really great story right now. Savor it!
    And your comment about the "mazungu's" brought back so many memories of my time in Kenya when the kids would come running shouting that at us all the time. Isn't it weird to feel like the minority?
    Here in Ghana, I sometimes get my picture taken just because I'm white. So weird...but I'm loving my time here (as I'm sure you will there). Praying for you guys!