Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is Life in Uganda Like so Far?

What is life in Uganda like so far?
At night when I am lying in bed it seems like I have a lot I feel I could share on my blog, but then when I actually go to write it seems like I have nothing to say. With that I would like to let you in on a little bit what our lives are like here so far.

We have been in Kotido for 3 weeks now. It is starting to feel more and more at home. It is such a blessing to be settling into our house and developing somewhat of a routine.

This last week we have been staying at home more trying to adjust to the life here in Kotido. There are a lot more daily chores, and things you have to get used to. I will say I have finally stopped walking into a room and reached for the light switch. (There are no lights here. I am also getting used to all the little critters. Even the mice and rats....and at times the cock roaches, although if one happened to crawl on me I would freak!) But as my friend Deanna commented on my last blog critters are nothing compared to being in Christ!

After getting up in the morning, we do some of our regular chores such as collecting water, sweeping the inside of the house and outside, filtering water, sorting rice, breakfast etc. We then start school. Having school has been somewhat nice because it is something that is familiar to me since I home-schooled in the states. It is never uninterrupted because of guests and such, but then again was it ever uninterrupted in the states either? there such thing as uninterrupted homeschool?

After we finish school the kids play soccer (Football) or marbles. Each child has made some great friends and they are experiencing a lot of character building. They are busy playing and making things out of trash and sticks, string, etc. Lots of fun!

Cody’s day is much different than ours in some ways. He is busy with chores in the morning and then makes his daily run to the market to collect produce and other supplies for the day. Right now we are in the dry season so we are eating a lot of cabbage, tomatoes, rice, and beans. We don’t have a lot of variety in our diet but we are not going hungry. Cody has also been very busy playing “Bob the Builder” and making great things such as a drying rack for my dishes, a stand for our small electronics solar panel, and he even made me a silverware rack! He has been an amazing leader, father, and husband during this time of transition and I am more than grateful for him.

Popcorned (I don’t think that is a word but I am going to use it) in the middle of all of this normal life we fit in times to minister and we attempt to share the love of Jesus with those around us.

We have been really praying that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the different areas that we are suppose to. There is so much need here and we could probably do 20 different things (within in our initial goal of caring for orphans and church planting) but we want to be sensitive to His calling and what is best for the people and culture here and what He desires from us.

I know I say this over and over again but it is because it is so humbling all of you who are behind us supporting us in different ways. It is such a team effort, and we see that in ways we never could have seen that before!

Love to You ALL!

Oh and we start language today so pray that our minds and tongues would be prepared and great!

I wish I could post more pics on the blog but it is hard to do, so I have been posting them on Facebook as that is easier. If you don't have a facebook account I am sorry and can try to do my best to load pictures when I can.


  1. Do you have a phone number yet? I would love to call you.

    My husband and a small team from Kampala ministered among the Karamoja this week {among other tribes}. You can read the details on our ministry blog.

    Blessings as you serve--unto the least of these.


  2. Keep posting. It's interesting even if it is boring to you.

  3. So glad to hear more, and no there is no such thing as uninterrupted homeschooling unless you have one child, live on an island with no one else and no phone........even then....???

    Praying for you!!

  4. Glad it's going well! Have fun language learning. Wadyo wadyo! It will come. Excited to watch your progress!

    Joja Nakiru :)

  5. What an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing!