Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The trip, the baby, and more!

Since being here there is one very important lesson I have learned: Things hardly ever go the way you want them to. This is pretty much a life lesson in general but seems to be magnified here. The great thing about all of this is that you have to depend on God more. There is no other option other than freaking out which doesn't really work, and is not what God wants from us.

This trip to Kampala was a rough one, more for our team mates the Williams, as their car broke down (engine problems) after having 2 flat tires. But the health of our whole team has been under attack. (Thank you Martha for the puke bucket it came in handy!) The neat thing is that we have seen God through it all. The flat tire happened 20 minutes into our trip allowing us to go back to get it repaired before being too far in the boonies. For that we were thankful.

Malachi was getting better with the IV drip of typhoid medicine right before leaving (literally got the treatment at 6 in the morning and left at 7) and then he got really bad that night. We happen to be staying with some of our good friends and missionary (they are a true God send and a huge blessing) half way to Kampala, and they have a clinic. Did a blood test and found out that Malachi also has Malaria and we were able to get him on medication right away.

24 hours later with all of your prayers..... he is doing amazing! He is back to his old self today. Talking a lot and running around. Something we like to see. He has to take his medicine for a while longer but we are optimistic about it!

So all in all, here we are, all in one piece (kind of) working on getting supplies, our visas, and trying to get some Rest and Relaxation.

And some exciting news......had an ultra sound today and everything is looking good, and the baby is a......GIRL!!!

We are so excited, and it was great to see the baby, and to know all is well with her. Can't wait til she is here!

So thank you all for your prayers for our team and for our health. We feel so supported in prayers and today we could really feel it. Thank you all so much!

Love to you all!


  1. A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So happy that Malachi is better! Praise the LORD!

    We love you!!

  2. Yeah - the Millers love girls! I bet Janaya is excited. Glad Malachi is better, we're all praying for you.

  3. I am so relieved about Malachi. Been praying hard! Also for you sweetie! And now I can pray specifically for the precious girl baby on the way! I had hoped it would be a girl! I am very excited for you all! When is the due date? Have you thought of America for a name? Dennie

  4. PTL for all of the blessings poured on you all! I am so thankful OUR God is so mighty. They Patchs are so tickled for your girl news!

  5. Hi Michaela, it's been awhile... I am finally able to get on the blog again but keep up mainly through N.H. We pray all the time, and are excited, of course, to hear about a Fulk female! We will be fostering a baby girl for the holidays so we are excited too... 2 mo'.s today that we have been here, and things really are starting to feel a bit easier- although I agree... NOTHING ever goes as planned! Very good for me... We are all well and Matt has arrived to help make it seem more like Christmas. :) Love to all, I lift you up to our Father daily and miss you so. Dina

  6. Think of you often and pray for you more. Congrats on the new baby news, will keep you and her in my prayers as well!
    A life dream of mine is to work on a traveling hosp. ship. The only openings right now are on the ship in Africa....Imagine that! Praying about it.
    Love you all
    Patty Wardlaw