Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Latest and The Akiru Project

We are now on the week count down, and there happens to be a lot of packing going on. I envisioned writing a blog that would be moving (no pun intended), but my creative juices have been depleted with the move. We are however very excited to get back to our other home, Uganda. God has truly been amazing this past year and I am truly moved (literally....sorry my brain is single minded) by his goodness. Many of you probably received our newsletter, and if you didn't then it either went to your spam, we have an outdated email address, or we don't have your email address at all. You can sign up to receive them to the right (and down) of this post (titled "mailing list"). In case you missed it and wanted to know what my wonderful husband had to say here it is:

In less than 2 weeks, all nine of us Fulks will step onto an airplane on our way back to Uganda. The 18th of September will mark the end of our time here in the states. It has been very healing and refreshing for us all however we are ready to return. Your prayers have been a constant encouragement to us during our time here. As we struggle to fit our lives into 18 pieces of luggage we are reminded that all these things are nothing compared to our heavenly home and we look forward to building up a kingdom in Uganda were moths and rust can not destroy (Matt. 6:19-21). In many ways, things here in America are finished for us. We are saying "bye for now" to friends and family, though "for now" will be 3-4 years for many of you. That is unless you would come to Uganda for your vacation or short-term mission trip while we are there.
Our financial support has been increasing, but we still need monthly commitments to meet our budgeted needs in Uganda. We are also asking that you would commit to praying for a specific individual of our family and of course for the Karamojong. If you could support us in both or either of these ways, please visit our website at
to fill out your information and make your commitment known to us. Financial and prayer donations of any quantity really do aid us in our work, so please don't think any kind of commitment is insignificant.
It is exciting for us to be sharing in this ministry with you. We are more aware this time than every before how much you are a part of our lives. Please pray with us and for us as we travel for 2 days to get there and settle in with the family. We will get communication with you back up and running when we can and will write our next newsletter from the great continent of Africa.
God bless you all richly,

 I also wanted to get the word out about these great journals and the women behind them!!
Our friends, the Williams, that are serving in Kacheri, among the Karamojong have an amazing project to help extremely vulnerable women. The women make homemade paper, and then journals. This project has provided 8 women incomes, and the best part is that Kristi has been discipling them with some great fruit. You should check out their website (It is pretty awesome! and then buy a journal on esty! I have seen these up close and personal and have even seen them in the making. (Even helped myself once) They are beautifully made and would make a wonderful present for any occasion.

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