Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life in the City

Since getting here we have been really busy with working on getting settled. We are quickly reminded how things don't generally happen very quickly. I can't easily drive to the local department store to get furnishings, curtains, etc. However we do now have our van and we are in our house. It is a huge blessing! We are busy now getting supplies for the house and making it a home. It has been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed nesting and making it homey even though it will take quite some time to put together. We even have 2 lab dogs! I was shocked to learn we could even get labs in Uganda. They happen to be my favorite dog, and I grew up having labs.

The kids have been enjoying being outside a lot and the older boys have been playing a lot of soccer at the local "football pitch." Carter and Malachi have been catching a lot of lizards and geckos and know all the "good" spots to find them. We like the small town feel of our neighborhood. The kids feel comfortable walking down to the local produce stand and getting me fruit and vegetables for meals. We are excited to get to know our community better and we have hopes that we can go fishing on Lake Victoria in the future. (You can see the lake from our balcony!)

Eliana makes a friend, but it more like she is bossing him around.

Samuel and Joshua fish in little pond at the temporary house we stayed at. We enjoyed 3 tilapia for dinner from their labor.

Going to the football pitch

Want to know how to keep an 8 month old cranky teething baby happy? Fresh pineapple!

The swings in our yard!

Samuel reading with Sheera our yellow lab.

Joshua plays fetch with Scout the black lab.

Eliana and Janaya find flowers from our yard and put them in their hair. Look we have grass!!!!

Briana and Malachi hanging in the hammock.

Thanks for all your prayers. We feel very blessed! More pictures to come! Don't forget to stay in touch.

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  1. It's so awesome to see God's provision! I love your place! happy kiddos, happy dogs, happy parents. We are praying for you guys as you get settled and asking God to help you make connections with people of peace. love and miss you guys.