Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Video of the Kids

We have 2 weeks until we leave! Time is flying by. I have been trying to post this video for several weeks but haven't been able to because it was so large. Here it finally is, in its compact form. We made it for the recent fundraiser in hopes that people could get to know our kids more.  The sound is low so you will have to crank it up, or use speakers to hear. Please continue to pray for us during these next few crucial weeks. Pray that we can be productive and accomplish the things needed. Pray for us to raise the rest of our monthly financial and prayer support. Pray that during this time we can have extra patience with the kids during this transitional period.


  1. We thank you guys for giving us tangible ways to pray - and remember - your sweet kids! Actually, I thought those reporters were pretty sweet, too! :) Love you guys and we're praying you all back to Uganda! Dina

  2. I loved that video!! Miss all of your kiddos. They have grown up so much but are still soooo funny and light hearted.