Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet the Fam and Psalm 106

From left to right: Us, the Fulk (hopefully moving mid July); Kerri and Andrew Meador (leaving June 16 staying for a year); Chloe Nelson (leaving June 16 staying until August); Kelly Preston (leaving June 16 staying for one year); Misty Kearns (leaving mid August); The Williams' (leaving June 16).

We had a meeting with all the team members last Friday and it was a huge blessing. We were able to meet the newest team member Kelly Preston. As we sat in the meeting I felt very blessed that we will be doing life with these people very closely and will be family for one another. The joy of the weekend ended knowing that we will not see the Williams until we get to Karamoja. They are leaving the 16th of June and I am delighted and somewhat sad all at the same time. We have become very close to them in the last 6 months, and so it seems strange not having them in our physical lives. It also seems bittersweet because as they leave it is just a reminder that we are not going with them. Fear starts to creep in and says, "maybe you are not suppose to go?" "Your house won't sell in this market." "Can we really get all the money raised?" "People are watching and wondering." I then go to God and act like a child who is not getting her way, and he reminds me through prayer and scripture that He did call us to this and He will provide, in His time. Again I find God deepening my faith and dependence on him. I know it seems like the whole thing is getting repetitive and I should be getting it by now, but I guess I am a slow learner.
This is the scripture God has brought me to:
Psalm 106:6-17 Both we and our fathers have sinned; we have committed iniquity; we have done wickedness. (7) Our fathers, when they were in Egypt, did not consider your wondrous works; they did not remember the abundance of your steadfast love, but rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea. (8) Yet he saved them for his name's sake, that he might make known his mighty power. (9) He rebuked the Red Sea, and it became dry, and he led them through the deep as through a desert. (10) So he saved them from the hand of the foe and redeemed them from the power of the enemy. (11) And the waters covered their adversaries; not one of them was left. (12) Then they believed his words; they sang his praise. (13) But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel. (14) But they had a wanton craving in the wilderness, and put God to the test in the desert; (15) he gave them what they asked, but sent a wasting disease among them. (16) When men in the camp were jealous of Moses and Aaron, the holy one of the LORD, (17) the earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram.

I have been meditating on this scripture and God has been teaching me A LOT. As you can already see it has a lot to do with what I posted last week in forgetting the miracles God has done. But deeper than that is pulls a lot of things together for me including the continued study of the Israelites. To fully understand this you have to understand the story of Exodus, and Numbers (and Genesis too to know God's promises). This blog would get quite lengthy if I were to go into all the details He has been teaching me through all these books but I will say this: I need to be in the here and now, trusting in God for the unseen future. A lot of it doesn't make sense to me, but if I look back at how He has acted in our lives before, it never made sense and then His will unfolded and He made things happen in the most unexpected way giving Him all the glory and not ourselves. The Israelites were the same way. They needed to live in the here and now. God gave them just enough food for the day telling them to get no more and no less (Exodus 16).
In my head I have this idea of how things should work and how they can unfold in a very practical way, much like the Israelites, who took things into their own hands when it wasn't in THEIR timing (ex: building of the golden calf Exodus 32:4). Then God reminds me that I am not God, and His ways are higher than our ways (Ish. 55:9). His unexpected interventions just remind me that I am not in control and the way I think things should go does not always give God the most glory, and if things turned out how I wanted them then I wouldn't really grow, but rather would just get things my way and as I tell my children, "the world doesn't revolve around us, but God."
I apologize if is this repetative and getting old. Let me tell you it is getting rather old for me too. I would like to get this lesson and move on to the next thing God wants to teach me. Thanks for listening and if any of you have any words of encouragement I would love to hear them. Thanks!
His Grace is Sufficient,
Michaela Fulk

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