Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wow, wow, and super wow. I am in that state of total amazement right now. Within the last week we have had some amazing things happen. First of all it looks like our house situation is going to get figured out which is a big hurdle to climb!! Second, Cody just got back from an amazing trip of speaking to different churches in Oklahoma and from that trip $6000 was raised. Our team members just bought their tickets at about half of what we thought they would be; meaning we are very close to buying our plane tickets if we can get them for the same price. (If any of you were planning on sending a one time gift or wanted to support us monthly, please let us know. NO PRESSURE! We just know that some of you might have been waiting or have forgotten so we just want to give you a friendly reminder to send your info our way because our time of leaving is rapidly approaching. The easiest way would be to do it via internet at our website. Go to the link "you can help.") We are at $320 in monthly support and are ready to go once we reach $1000 a month. I know that is quite different than what our budget shows but the budget on our website has all the bells and whistles such as giving $600 a month to the orphanage, health insurance, saving money each month to fly to the States every 3 years, etc. We realize these things are luxuries, and are willing to step out in faith, knowing that God has always provided for us and always will (after all he takes care of the birds Matthew 6:25-34).
We also have a couple more things to purchase but are again encouraged that we have either been given a discount on different things, bought things used, or have been given what we need by different people.
Not only has God been encouraging us through our physical situation but also spiritually. He continues to fill us up with different scriptures and it is has been astounding to see how God is preparing our hearts for this chapter (more like a new book) of our lives.
Wow, I think this was the shortest blog entry :)
Michaela Fulk


  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING for you & the support needed. PRAYING for all the loose ends to be taken care of by the Father who knows what they are! PRAYING!!!

  2. Soooo awesome to hear, Michaela!!! Keep the updates coming!! :)