Sunday, November 1, 2009

More of the Details

This post is to let you know more details about the situation we feel God leading us to. There is a baby boy that is going to be born the middle of November. For whatever reason the agency the birth mother is working with is having a hard time finding someone who is interested in this baby. His mom and dad are both from Haiti but his mother is a U.S citizen. Cody and I had been looking at adopting a special needs child from Ethiopia (maybe our next adoption down the road). This kind of fell in our laps, and I was not looking for it. It breaks my heart to think this poor birth mom is struggling and wants a better life for her child, and there is no one. Even after opening the adoption to couples in New York which they do not usually do. So here we are stepping out…..expecting a miracle. Would you be a part of it with us? Would you pray for this birth mom. Would you pray that God would increase our faith? Would you pray what part God might have for you in this? I would love to hear your comments. Please let me know if you have questions! Thanks!!


  1. What kind of fundraisers shall we do girl? Let's pick some and some of the profits go to the cause! I will talk to pastor thad this week and we will go to the elders for you! I love you and I pray for God's Will!

  2. Have you agreed to take this child and they accepted your homestudy? where are you in the process? Have you thought of applying for a grant from Steven Curtis Chapman's site? or maybe some non profits? -Annie

  3. Our homestudy is updated and such, but we can not make any commitments until we have the money. The lady at the agency thinks the birth mom would pick us in a heart beat, but she can not present us until we have the money :(. The only problem with applying for grants is the time constraints. I have looked at all that I know of and all of them take quite a while to process. We need the money fast.