Saturday, October 24, 2009

Steps to the land of Moriah

God has been teaching us a lot in the past year. One thing that sticks out to me and something I feel Him teaching me partially right now is that faith is so much more than we realize. One of my good friends sent me this devotional from A Purpose Driven Life that talked about faith not being a feeling but action. More of the puzzle pieces begin to form. Hebrews 11 talks about faith and talks about the great cloud of witnesses and I am amazed at all of their stories. One story that God keeps bringing to my attention in this cloud of witnesses is Abraham and the time he was asked to sacrifice his son. Can you imagine being Abraham? God told him he would give him a son and make his descendants many. That was hard for Sarah and Abraham to believe as they had no children, and it seemed hopeless. I imagine they were saying (as I say to myself many times) "did we hear God right?" So they take matters into their own hands (been there) and it turns disastrous.....but God is merciful. And after much anticipation, fear, and uncertainty they have a son. What a wonderful feeling for them. Then God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son. At this point we see something different in Abraham. He doesn't take matters into his own hands. He just trusts and obeys (makes me want to break out into the old hymn, trust and obey for there is not other way....:) . All of Abraham's journeys have lead him to this point. (That means their is hope for me). He does what God calls him to do. We don't know if he had any doubts as he takes the long journey to the land of Moriah. Maybe he went back and forth like I do. Having moments of total "faith like a child" and doubting. At any rate it doesn't matter because bottom line is that he obeyed God. All his emotions did not matter at this point because he did what God asked him to do. And most of you know the rest of the story. God provides a ram for him to sacrifice. God was "testing" Abraham to see if he will be obedient. WOW. It seems like God wants the best from us. Not merely half, or what is comfortable. And it does take a sacrifice. All of that to say. God has us on a journey where we feel like He is calling us to step out and adopt again. You can bet I have asked God many times, "Did I hear you right?" "Are you sure?" This sure seems impossible, not to mention crazy. But then I am reminded of the God I serve. So maybe this journey is all about God telling us to do something when the outcome will be different like for Abraham? I do not know all the answers, I just know that I can not step out in faith because it doesn't seem practical to me. It will never seem practical. Ministering to the least of these is not practical. Living for God is not practical. Being a living sacrifice...there is nothing practical about that. I would rather be remembered as a "witness" to those around me that I walked by faith than someone who lived by fear, or practicality, or comfortableness, or emotions. I have a way to go. Pray with me on this journey.

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