Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Ideas

I was reading a blog from a fellow adoption blogger about funding adoptions and here are some ideas that I think are great that people could do if they wanted to, that do not take a lot of time either!
-Sell some items on ebay
-have a yard sale (although the weather is getting colder for some of us)
-raffle an item off
We will also probably be needing airline tickets, hotel and rent a car so if anyone wants to donate frequent flyer miles, or credit card points toward any of these things let me know. Thanks again.


  1. So, for those of us that don't know you and your situation (I know your Aunt Kim), who are you adopting and from where? Can we have more of the story?

  2. Yes, so glad you asked!! Right now we are looking at adopting a little Haitian baby to be born the middle of November. They are having a really hard time finding a home for him. Let me know if you have more questions!! Thanks for reading our blog!