Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have been updating you all on what is going on here at the village in our yard. So here is what has been happening this week:

Loma and Achen continually get better. The chemical burn from the glucose IV is healing, but it will take a couple more weeks, since it is a burn. They are gaining weight and Loma is able to sit up on his own like his sister. I almost cried the first time I saw him sitting. A lot of smiles around here including theirs!

This is Loma. Not the best picture because he just finished crying. He doesn't like when we have to bandage his head, or when we take the old one off :(.

Nagwe is back from the hospital (2 hours away). They diagnosed her with Tuberculosis and she is getting treatment. She has begun learning how to make glass bead necklaces, and has told us several times she really enjoys making the necklaces.

Winnie, the woman who works for us has not been feeling well. She was having some severe pain and had very high blood pressure. We were concerned there was something the clinical officers couldn't see with the limitations in medical equipment. We took her to the hospital that Nagwe went to. They did lots of testing to find out she has an infection somewhere in her body. We are hoping to take her to Kampala with us when we renew our visas in September to do further investigation to the root of the problem.

Lucia still hasn't had her baby, but I am guessing any day now she will go into labor. In the meantime she has done really well with making glass bead necklaces, and she is now able to buy her own food, and to not rely on us. We are trying to teach her how to save money so that she can send her children to school. Her character continues to transform and we are very grateful for the progress she has made while being here.

We are all doing well. Eliana is growing like crazy and starting to grab for things. They are all looking forward to the arrival of Cody's parents and Aunt Keli in September. Malachi asks many times throughout the week when they are coming because unlike the other kids he doesn't understand how far away September is. We will be traveling next week to take Nikki and Kristen back. I have enjoyed them being here so much and I have realized how much we need more laborers. If any of you are interested in coming here to serve in different ways please contact me by email We have lots of different projects and such that we need help with. Please be praying for more laborers, and pass the word around if you know of people who would love to serve with us here in Karamoja.

Lucia's daughter holding Eliana.

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