Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prayer Requests and Pictures

I don't have a "normal" post but I do want to share a couple things with you in the way of prayer.

We are all doing pretty good, but I would ask you to continue to pray for us during the adjustment of having a newborn.

I also ask that you would pray for our team members the Williams' and Misty. They have been not feeling well lately. It seems that between our families there is always someone that is sick, and this time it seems to be their family. They could also use some prayer about their son Israel as he has rectal prolapse and they now have to make some decisions regarding this. We have been praying that God would guide them and lead them to what they are suppose to do.

Also we had enough money to purchase a vehicle and were really excited! After looking at the last place we purchased a vehicle, we found that the price of vehicles have gone up a couple thousand dollars. We are now looking for an adequate vehicle in our price range, so please pray we could find one.

An exciting thing is happening here in Kotido today. They are releasing the long awaited for Bible in Nakaramajong! Hooray for that!

I leave you with a couple pictures....just because :)

Acuka Mose's dad holding Eliana at 2 days old.

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  1. YEAH for the BIBLE!!!!!! That is awesome news!
    Your daughter is so very precious :)

    Praying for health and wisdom on those decisions.