Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We are all doing good. Kids are doing well with adjusting, with a little need for attention right now. Eliana is such a blessing and we are all enjoying loving on her. The kids are all very excited she has arrived. Joshua and Janaya are the most excited and have been fighting about who is going to hold her, and they are all being really helpful with the chores etc.

Her name means "God Answered" and we couldn't have said it better. We have a lack of great medical care here but we felt God telling us the whole time that it would all go fine. Her Nakarimajong name is Nalelian which means rejoice, and we also find this very fitting (thanks to our team for helping find this name). Labor was fast and went really well (as well as labor can go). I was only in labor for about 5 hours. We had a local midwife and Kristi Williams who both did a wonderful job. It was really nice having Eliana in the comfort of our home. I felt at peace the whole time. When she was born the first thing we all said when we saw her was "she is so fat" most of this arises from the fact that we have been around 2 preemies who were extremely small so she looked so big!

We have felt so much love and support during this time, and it has truly been such a blessing. We are so grateful for all of you who have given so much prayer, love, and encouragement.

Feeling Blessed!



    Thank you Lord.

    What a blessing.

    We are enjoying our new little one, too.


  2. She looks "fat" to me too. You can tell she was a larger newborn. What do you mean by her Nakarimajong name? When will that name be used? Is it officially part of her name? Is that what the native people will call her? Is it more like a middle name? You know how I like to ask questions!

  3. Jenny,
    Great questions! The locals will ask what her name is and we thought it would be good to have a Nakarimajong name. All the locals will probably will call her that name. I am not sure if we will put it on her birth certificate or not. It will make her name rather long :)