Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I feel like for the last 10 minutes I have just stared at the computer screen trying to collect words to express my thoughts. I have written several paragraphs none of which I have kept. Part of me wants to vent all about the week I had last week, but I feel like I would be drawing attention to ourselves and not to God. I have been dealing with pride issues and feel it is best to get my heart right before writing about some different circumstances in our lives.

With that I am just going to give you a little update. We have had our first visitors since we have been here. It has been a big blessing to have them here. They brought many great things for us including all my baby things! (If you have never heard of Envibum diapers you need to check them out. They are awesome!) I have started nesting and am getting really excited about our baby girl entering the world. I am hoping I will go into labor early as I did with Carter at 37 weeks which is what week I currently am in. My due date is not until April 2nd but I could have her any day now. I think my body would like to wait until we have a cool day but that may not happen for quite some time, so I can't hold out for that :) This week I have been trying to rest and relax more, but it has been hard not to clean every inch of my house with the nesting settling in. (I am very happy about having a small house :)

Our visitors also brought many other things for us from America but my favorite was the cards of encouragement from our friends and family, that was such a blessing! I do have to say the dark chocolate was pretty nice too!

Have a Great Week!

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