Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apeyo's Update

In our last newsletter (if you haven't seen it you can go to our website and download it under newsletters) I mentioned 2 malnourished kids that were in our neighborhood. The little girl was not as severe as the boy Apeyo and so naturally I gave him more attention. Apeyo is between 18 months and 2 years old and weighed 14 pounds. I started taking food to him and the little girl in the morning and evening. I would often bathe them as well. Apeyo was always covered in flies and in fact some were living in his ears. After 2 weeks I am happy to say he is doing much better. Thank you for your prayers for him. It is quite amazing how a massive amount of calories, nutrition, clean water, medicine, and love can change a person. God has answered so many prayers. His mother had another child right after him and so he took the back burner. As a mother she has really blossomed and is doing a good job taking care of him, and learning that his life has value. This last Sunday we took him and his family back to their village as they needed to prepare the ground for planting sorghum. It was a bittersweet moment. Good to see him stronger and in better health, especially good to see how his grandmother showed great love for him, sad that I will not be able to see him as much and see his smile.
Here he is was just 2 weeks ago after he started eating plumpy nut.

When we took him back to the village. His grandmother is to the left.

Please keep praying for Apeyo and his family. That his mother could continue to love and care for him. That his health could continue to improve. He has never learned to walk because he has not been strong enough. He is now strong enough to stand up for a small amount of time. Pray that the love of Jesus we showed to his family would bare fruit. That our relationship with his family would continue to grow.

I hesitate sharing stories like this because I fear the glory will go to me and not to God. Know that I am just an instrument. We don't have any super powers, and I am still a sinner like anyone else. I have issues in my life that God continues to mold more into His image. Given the same situation I would like to think many of you would do the same thing. Don't hear me wrong I love many of your encouraging words! It is refreshing. I just ask that you remember it is the power of God and nothing I have done apart from Him.

Luke 18:10
So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded say, "We are unworthy servants, we have only done what was our duty.


P.S. I didn't share this with many people but wanted to let you know to keep praying for Achuka Moses that the Williams are caring for. He is another little preemie baby that was brought to our gate. His mother died while giving birth and we think she delivered him when she was 7 months along. They are taking care of him until he is strong enough to go back to the village. He is doing really well and is quite the healthy miracle. Continue to pray for the Williams family. You can check their updates at www.williamsinthewilderness.com

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