Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prayers and Update

First thing is first, please take time today to pray for our team members that are leaving for Uganda today. The William family with their 4 kids and one on the way, Kerri and Andrew Meador, Kelly Preston, and Chloe Nelson. Pray that they have safe travels, that the kids are of good spirits, that Kristi Williams will be comfortable on the plane (7 1/2 months pregnant). Also pray for safe travels from Kampala to Kotido. They will not be going to Kotido for about a week as they will be gathering supplies and working on getting visas etc.
We are very excited for them and sad at the same time that we are not going with them, but we know God must have something for us here and now so we are living for today.
With all that said I will give you an update of where we are in our plans. Some of our huge obstacles are out of the way. Passports, our house, money for plane tickets etc. We basically are waiting on one thing (well one and half. We are at half of our monthly support raised). We haven't really shared much about this because we didn't want people to get confused and think that their support was going toward this. When we adopted Malachi we got a 0% interest loan through a christian fund, along with another low interest loan, to be able to adopt him. At this point it is what it is, and there is no easy answer for the cost of adoption. You can't really say you have regrets, because Malachi is our child, and we would have done anything for him. But on the other hand Paul in Romans 13:8 says to owe not man anything. Anyway......As I said before we are not asking our supporters to pay for this debt but rather we are waiting on God to see how He is going to provide. It can be hard but God keeps giving us hope. I have been reading in Kings and Chronicles and came to 2 Kings 4:1-8 and it gave me a lot of hope. If you wouldn't mind praying for this situation, that would mean a lot to us. Once this loan is taken care of we are going to buy our plane tickets.


  1. I will be praying for the team and for you. We too have a loan for our Joanna - wouldn't have had to, but we ended up paying for 2 adoptions....oh well. Like you said you can't regret it, but loans are not fun either. PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! God will make a way!!!

  2. Miss you guys already!! Had a long day in the airport, but we are blessed to have had a great guy working for United who really went to bat for us and got us some good tickets tomorrow. Everyone had a blast at the hotel (they had a pool), and is getting good sleep tonight. Hopefully we'll be ready for the trip tomorrow! Thanks for all the prayers!! (Oh, and I'm 8 1/2 months a lot of stares at the airport today with my four kids, 8 bags, and huge