Friday, December 6, 2013

Third Thanksgiving in Uganda

Yesterday as we celebrated Thanksgiving in Uganda, my mind went back to our last Thanksgiving here 2 years ago. We had planned on having a luscious meal to mimic a "Little House on the Prairie" Thanksgiving but our plans were changed. Instead of eating duck and potatoes we were eating meat on a stick and field corn.  It will be a Thanksgiving I will never forget. This was one of the times Malachi was feeling very sick and we had to rush down to Kampala to investigate his repetitive bloody noses and high fever. The day after Thanksgiving they told us it might be leukemia. Not words you want to hear as a mother, and as I recall this affair my heart fills with gratefulness that Malachi is perfectly healthy now. Gratefulness that God knows best and does things His way. Thankful that God is not just in the business of healing but also redemption. God taught me so much through that event and continues to use Malachi's life to challenge and instruct me. I am also very thankful that our 3rd Thanksgiving in Uganda was filled with blessings!! Here are some pictures!

Joshua's favorite: Challah bread

Briana brought some glow sticks to play with, and she took some fun pictures.


  1. Looks fun! America? Not a typical African home?? Miss you guys in a wish-we-were-with-you kind of way. :) "Thankful I am thankful. You have done nothing, but good in my life..." Your TX 'family'

  2. Yes it is not a typical African house. It is more American style, it feels weird living in it some days but it is a huge blessing!