Saturday, May 25, 2013

Florida, Soccer, and Malachi

 The beginning of June some of our family will be traveling to Florida for a 10 day orientation/training with a Mission Organization we have applied for. We are pretty excited about the whole endeavor. Excited to meet the faces we have been talking to about our mission in Uganada. Excited about the oversight they will offer us, and the family feel the organization offers. While we are there Joshua will be headed to Idaho for a Regional Championship with his Club Team.  This is an incredible opportunity for him, he has worked really hard and we are proud of him. Here is a video of some highlights from last year, if you want to see him in action. His team was the state champions in their level, and in this video you will see some of Joshua's goals. He is number 13 and his team is Navy Blue, and they also have a Yellow jersey. Their team is in this video quite a bit.

Our road to investigating Malachi's health have finally come to an end. He has gone through EEG testing and things are looking really good. Much better than last time, and there is nothing further we have to do, or can do. This was great news for us. Give God the glory!!

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