Saturday, April 20, 2013

If You Are Wondering....

For those of you who are wondering when we are going back to Uganda, here is the best answer I can give.....I don’t know. Amusing, huh? I wish I had a date for you, for myself and my family as we were all planning and hoping to be in Uganda by now, but we are not. Why aren’t we back in Uganda? We were planning on working toward getting back to Uganda after Azariah was born and our sending organization decided that they didn’t have the means as an organization to help and support us with our decision to move closer to the capital. It was honestly hard to take at first because we were at this point looking at travel dates in May. But after praying through it, and time, we began to see it as a blessing. We want to have the right kind of coaching and missionary support while we are in Uganda because we see ourselves on the mission field a long time so we want to do it right. The unfortunate part is that changing mission organizations is anything but quick. We are right in the middle of changing organizations so we don’t have a specific time as when we will be able to leave. So if this blog post seems clearly unclear, then welcome to my world. Here we find ourselves walking by faith, one step at a time asking God to meet our steps and proceed forward in His will. An uncomfortably comfortable place to be.

In the meanwhile we try to live where we are and be Jesus where we are.  For me that seems to happen within our living quarters as I constantly struggle to teach, instruct, discipline, love and be an example of Jesus to my kids and husband. 

We are however starting to work on building up our prayer and financial support (as this can take several months), so if you would like to partner with us please let us know via email, or you can go to our website and fill out a form. 

Stay tuned for more to come.

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