Friday, May 11, 2012

Update with Pictures

 Here are some pictures of what we have been doing. Soccer and school mostly :) Since I last posted we had our debriefing near Colorado Springs. It was really amazing, and we learned a lot, and made some great friendships with other missionaries. The information we learned is really going to help us to be better prepared for when we go back, and it was really helpful for the kids to learn about transitioning back and forth and also learning about being a Third Culture Kid.  The second day we talked about stress and the amount that missionaries are under. As a group we wrote down some of our daily hassles (pictured below). Some of them are pretty funny. We eventually ran out of room and couldn't add more. This day was a real eye opener to me about how much stress we were under and what it does to your body. Turns out a lot of my physical problems and illness was a result of stress :)

Janaya, Eliana, and Malachi, watching Samuel and Joshua play soccer.

Joshua playing soccer against Carbondale they won 9-1. Joshua scored 4 goals! Hooray!
Eliana playing peek-a-boo

Carter at the standing long jump

Samuel running the 100m dash

 Here are some videos of Joshua and Carter running track. Joshua made it to the finals and placed 2nd or 3rd (I can't remember). And the video of Carter is just hilarious. He was very intent about staying in his lane and trying to have "fast feet" that he forgot to really run.

And some announcements:

-We will be sharing about our time in Uganda at New Hope Church in New Castle, CO. The service is on Sunday, May 20th and begins at 10:00 a.m. and will be at the park in Apple Tree Park. We would love to see you there.

-We will also be in Boise City, OK at the end of June. Details to come.


  1. You guys aren't sharing this Sunday, are you? I hoped it was the following Sun., as planned! We have been praying for your transition and hope to spend some time together very soon- we get to Denver on Sun. night! Do you want to plan a night this week? Love you all! Dina

  2. I really wish we had gone to something like that. it sounds helpful. How did you find them and would you recommend it?

  3. Praying that your time to regroup will be BLESSED!!!!! It is a lot of stress to deal with. Praying God will help lighten your load and offer you respite in HIM!

    Praying for your work in HIS KINGDOM!!!

  4. I would highly recommend the debriefing. It is called Missionary Training International. It is based out of Palmer Lake which is just north of Colorado Springs. They do other training for missionaries as well. They were amazing and we heard about them from other missionaries that had gone through some of their training. We learned a lot and it was really invaluable.

  5. Sorry I didn't post what date we were speaking at New Hope. I changed it :)