Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hear from the Kids

I thought it might be fun to involve the kids in my blog so I had them answer the question, "What is your favorite thing about living in Uganda?"


"Swimming in Jinja first and then sliding rock second. Well maybe Red Chili first and swimming in Jinja second, then sliding rock 3rd."

"The thing I like about Uganda the most has always been my friends. My friend's names are Ezra, Zion, Izzy, Rikot, Veah, Selah, and Donian and there are more. They are really nice to me, they play with me. Most of the time, Ezra and Donian play football with me.

"The thing I like most about living in Uganda is a rock called slide rock. We sometimes go there to play with our friends."

"The thing I like most about Uganda is when I make friends and play football (soccer) with them. The other thing is when we go to football and play and then after that my dad tells them about Jesus. The other important thing I like about living here is helping people who are in need.


  1. That's really sweet! Good perspective!

  2. Michaela, praying that God's way of mothering will grow as He works through you and empowers you to share, and that these women will be released from the chains of their pasts and dark heritage. Loved seeing the kids and their growth from your love. In Jesus, Kate PS, wish I was there too. Always was a dream to go to Africa and help the children. Now I have 2 Ethiopian, 1 Liberian, and 2 domestic kids. So I guess God is bringing a little of Africa to me. kate

  3. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how to leave a comment, but I SO enjoyed hearing from Joshua, Samuel, Carter, Malachi and Janaya that I will try again! So, what is Eliana's favorite thing about living in Uganda? When everyone asked my girls their favorite thing about living in China they all said "taking buses!" Which is kinda funny, because most foreigners here don't take the bus, nor would they think it was much fun! We miss you all and always keep you in our prayers. Love from the Jones'!

  4. : ) I really love this post! Miss you guys and alllll of those kids so much