Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Update

We are encouraged by some things that have happened in the last week regarding our move. The latest and exciting news is that we have a new member to add to our team. She really feels led to Karamoja, as we all do, and it is very clear to her she is to go with us. This is a HUGE answer to prayer!

Another exciting thing that happened a couple days ago is that I got an email from an American who is in Kotido. She just wanted to touch base with us and introduce herself to us and to let us know she is praying for us. It was exciting to know we have another person in Kotido that is a follower of Christ and who we can relate to.

On a different note we have had a lot of attack from the enemy which according to scripture is expected. It reminds us though that we must be in the word daily, even hourly and staying very close to Christ.

I would also just like to ask as a courtesy that if you really felt led to be a part of our prayer or financial support team that you would fill out the forms that were sent with the letter (or go to our website and fill out the "how you can help form). We are trying to get things organized and had a lot of response from people to receive a letter and are waiting for responses back. If you would like you can just send it all to us and then we can forward checks to Advance Him if that is easier for you. Also feel free to contact me with questions or concerns, Thank you.


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