Friday, December 4, 2009

Here it Goes

The 3 adoption opportunities that came and went were somewhat heart breaking, but at the same time we praised God because He answered a prayer. During this whole process we were on our knees a lot praying what God wanted us to do. God has given us such a heart and burden for orphans but it seems like we kept hitting road blocks.

Meanwhile my husband is growing a burden for the people in Karamoja in Northern Uganda. He told me about this and I was excited and scared all at the same time. Just for background sake, I didn't think my husband would ever want to leave the country and not because of safety but because his passion has been for at risk youth. So we prayed about this hard, wondering, and then it both hit us. God is calling us to Karamoja. To help the people there. To show them the love of Jesus. Babies are dying because of minor things that they shouldn't die of. With that we are making plans to move their permanently. As you can guess to do something like this takes a lot of prayer support and financial support (we are working out the details of all of this). We will be helping the orphanage there and have plans to open a baby orphanage to help the helpless and dying babies. Of course another main goal is spreading the Gospel through these avenues as well as church planting. Within that we know once we get there we will adopt a baby or two (or 3, 4...who knows really). So the purpose of this blog remains the same but with a twist. We will be bringing our next child home and who knows maybe even you will bring your next child home from Karamoja Uganda (I would love that).

I know some of you are reading this and thinking we are crazy. It's true. We are crazy for the sake of Jesus and showing others His salvation, and abundant life. We have also prayed a lot over this and read all kinds of scripture. My flesh would like to just do something else maybe a little more comfortable. I remember that fear can keep us from doing what God wants us to do. Reading "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper has been such a blessing during this time. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. It is all about following God whole heartedly and not wasting your life on other things.

There you have one crazy road led to another crazy road. Not how I expected it, but thankful that He leads.

Continuing to Walk by Faith (even if it is baby steps),


P.S. Here is a video you can watch. It was made to raise awareness for the Orphanage Shalom Uganda. It shows of the faces of people from Karamoja.


  1. Wow! Praise God! I am so thrilled and excited for your family! What an amazing journey this will be. How is it you will be raising support, where can we donate?

  2. I ordered this book on paperback can't wait to read it!!!

  3. AWESOME!!!!! Please keep us posted! What do the kids think? Tell them hello for me!!! And that book is amazing! I think you guys are amazing for what you are doing...and you are right, we are not to be lead by fear! You are an inspiration!!!